Before cleaning
   After cleaning
*   Return of the cows  *
Stages of cleaning and overpaints removal
     "English rural landscape"
  by James Clark  (1858 - 1943)
Painting oil on canvas, 19th c. British, by James Clark, signed, was delivered to our
studio in stable condition. Canvas slightly loose,  50 x 30 inches, with only small
restored puncture was covered with old discolored varnish.
Painting looked
unbalanced from artistic
point of view and empty
center part of the
painting shows different
type of brushstrokes than
the rest of this artwork.
After examination with
magnification and in
raking light it was clear
that center part was
Photograph in raking light -
blue spot in the center shows
different texture of paint layers
Photograph of center
section of the painting
with visible
After tests to
find the best
solvents ...
and many hours of
careful work first
shadows of
overpainted cows
could be visible.
Painting after conservation